Livestream Integrates with NewTek TriCaster™

Max Haot Max Haot, January 31, 2012

NEW YORK, NY – 1/31/2012 — Livestream today announced a new plugin for NewTek TriCaster™ that provides a streamlined workflow for live content producers. The plugin was developed using the NewTek TriCaster SDK, and provides H.264/AAC encoding, one click HD 720p multibitrate encoding, along with playback compatibility for iPhone® and iPad® – all without the need for an external encoder. The Livestream plugin is pre-installed when the TriCaster is upgraded to rev.4. Registered TriCaster owners may upgrade by visiting To learn more about the plugin or watch a demo video of how it works, visit:

“We’re excited that Livestream is the first to embrace the TriCaster SDK,” said Andrew Cross, NewTek CTO. “Our goal was to open TriCaster to developers who will make it even easier for live content creators to produce and deliver dynamic programming across all platforms. This development on the part of Livestream shows their commitment to leadership in this industry.”

NewTek TriCaster and Livestream have been used to deliver an extraordinary range of high profile live programming, from the ESPN X Games, to the Facebook Town Hall meeting with President Obama. 

Event organizers, content owners, celebrities, and artists around the world use Livestream’s social broadcasting tools to engage and grow their audiences on the Web, mobile devices, and connected TVs. The result has been more than one billion video minutes streamed each month to the growing community of 20 million monthly viewers. 

With TriCaster, anyone can simultaneously produce, live stream, broadcast, project and record HD and SD network-style productions. A single operator or small team can switch between multiple cameras, virtual inputs and live virtual sets, while inserting clips, titles and motion graphics with multi-channel effects. TriCaster is used by sports organizations, schools, broadcasters, houses of worship, webcasters, government agencies, and others to provide a new level of extended programming and content to their audiences.

TriCaster users can begin using this plugin with their Livestream Premium account. For those not already using Livestream, visit to sign up and join the top event producers on Livestream’s award-winning platform. Livestream Premium offers recording in the cloud, global delivery, privacy, an ad-free viewing experience, and full white label players. 

About Livestream:

New Livestream ( is an innovative new platform, available in beta, that combines live event coverage with real-time photos, text, and video clip updates posted using web browsers or mobile devices. The technology supports live blogging with live & on-demand video, all executed with ease using the real-time posting tools from both mobile and the web.

The Original Livestream ( is the market leader for real time event coverage. With simple to use technology, our service allows anyone to broadcast live to the web, as well as being the top destination for live content from around the world. Our content partners include Facebook, The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, Associated Press, HBO, AT&T, PepsiCo, Electronic Arts, Adidas, The Academy Awards, Warner Bros. Records, and Paramount Pictures. Livestream operates with over 120 full-time staff members in 5 offices—in New York (headquarters), Los Angeles, Bangalore, Sao Paulo, and the Ukraine. The service is available for free (advertising-supported) or as a feature-rich, monetizable, premium subscription for business. Livestream operates with over 120 full-time staff members in 5 offices—in New York (headquarters), Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, and Ukraine (in addition to a globally available production team)

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